Gravel Grind and the Chupacabra 200

Presented by Wichita Falls Streams & Valleys

We are still working on details of the events – here is what we know, or think we know!

Start time is 7:05 PM HHH Saturday in Beautiful Downtown Wichita Falls at or near the Wichita Falls Brewery.

Three distances – 25 ish miles, 43 ish miles and 100 K ish

All bikes must have a front and rear light – a real one, not the silly little ones!

We will have reflective signs marking the course

We will release the maps a few weeks before the event

This is an unsupported ride! You must carry all you need for drinking, eating, changing a flat and any thing else you may need!

We will have some check points that you will need to have your bib number recorded by the volunteer. We don’t want to leave anyone on the course!

If you ride the Hotter’N Hell 100 Kilometer or mile endurance ride, AND the Gravel Grind 100 K – you will be a Chupacabra 200! We will have a very amusing award for the first overall female and male for the Chupacabra!

After the event we will have food and beverages. Your bib number will have pull tags for free beer or soda and food, you can buy more it you want.

No one under 18 on the 43 and 100 K – it’s going to get dark and the hogs, coyotes and chupacabras will be out!

More later!

Wichita Falls Streams & Valleys 🙂