Duel Map

After several years of bad weather and the resulting low number of registrations, The Duel is no more.



Click here for the Paved 2018 marathon course http://www.mapmyrun.com/routes/view/1909049156

The paved course is a twice out and back run, half marathon run out and back once, 10k turn is between MLK and the RR tracks.  Mile and 5K markers are on the paved course. Don’t worry that mapmyrun says it’s not an exact marathon, it is with Cert # TX18003LAB


Dirt trail below

We use a slightly modified version (we start across the river at the HHH building) of the map below for The Duel dirt trail; just keep the ribbons on your right and you’ll be all right!

Full dirt marathon runners will run 2 loops of the trail.

Wee-Chi-Tah Trail Map


Leaving from 2nd Street and keeping ribbons on the right

1:   First time at camp-      2.8

2:   First time at Suttons –  6.6

3:   second time Suttons –  8.9

4:  Second time at camp – 10.2

5:  first time statue –          12.9

6;  Timing Mat –                 13.2

7:  3rd time at camp          16

8:  3rd time at Suttons       19

9:  4th time at Suttons       22.1

10: 4th time at camp         23.4

11: 2nd time at statue       26

12:   Finish                        26.2

Here is a Relive of the dirt course starting at the HHH Building on 2nd street