The Duel Virtual Run

Did you miss The Duel in January?  Do you want to add another finisher medal to your collection?  Sign up for a Virtual Run!  Run, walk, skip, sashay or saunter anywhere, any time; don’t want to run the entire distance in one day, no problem, just get the mileage done within 30 days!   

How does it work?  Simple – enter the distance you want to run

Run – anywhere, anytime with anyone!

Send me an email at when you’ve run the distance, if you are local you can pick up your finisher award at Endurance House Wichita Falls- if you’re from out of town I’ll mail it!

We have a few shirts available as well, the will be for sale on the Hotter’N Hell store page at

Don’t forget – the half marathon finisher medal will FIT TOGETHER with the half marathon finisher medal from the March 3rd Xpress half marathon and the August 26th Wee-Chi-Tah Trail half marathon on Hotter’ Hell weekend!