The Duel Virtual Run

After several years of bad weather and the resulting low number of registrations, The Duel is no more.



Did you miss The Duel in January?  Do you want to add another finisher medal to your collection?  Sign up for a Virtual Run!  Run, walk, skip, sashay or saunter anywhere, any time; don’t want to run the entire distance in one day, no problem, just get the mileage done within 30 days!   

How does it work?  Simple – enter the distance you want to run

Run – anywhere, anytime with anyone!

Send me an email at when you’ve run the distance, if you are local you can pick up your finisher award at Endurance House Wichita Falls- if you’re from out of town I’ll mail it!

We have a few shirts available as well, the will be for sale on the Hotter’N Hell store page at

Don’t forget – the half marathon finisher medal will FIT TOGETHER with the half marathon finisher medal from the March 3rd Xpress half marathon and the August 26th Wee-Chi-Tah Trail half marathon on Hotter’ Hell weekend!